Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle and Aaron Cable

We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being part of the CBR family! We have been boxer lovers for many years and we always had a 2 nub household up until 5 years ago when our Bella crossed the bridge.  Last May when our King crossed the bridge the house got really quiet and sad. We knew that we were not quite ready to adopt, so we decided to look into volunteering with a boxer rescue. We were not looking to become a foster family but we soon realized what a need there was for foster homes. It was a “best yes” decision to begin the application process!  Our heart was to give love to nubs that needed rescuing, and it was such a great way to honor the breed who has given us so much love and so many laughs for so many years. Seeing the way that these rescue babies transform is amazing! This experience has also taught our children compassion for others and what it means to serve our community and make a difference.  We have 3 kiddos and we have adopted 2 nubs into our family since coming into the rescue as volunteers. We love spending time outdoors, swimming, and playing with the pups! If you are considering becoming a volunteer in any capacity, we encourage you to ask questions and learn more about the great need and how you can help! There are so many ways that you can get involved, so there is something for everyone.  The old saying “It takes a village” rings just as true in this rescue family as any other part of life! You will give of your time and your love, and in return you will get lots of love, licks, and kidney bean dances. This experience has brought our family so much joy and we’ve learned so much!  

Andrea WilliamsComment