Featured Donors: Tom & Kristy Rollar

Tom and Kristy got involved with Carolina Boxer Rescue after attending local events and getting to know other CBR volunteers and adopters in the Myrtle Beach area.  They love the breed, and saw firsthand the true love, dedication, and hard work of the volunteers. The Rollars feel that if they can in some small way help the CBR team, then they have helped put smiles on the faces of the beautiful rescue dogs that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. 

Tom grew up in New Jersey, and has been in South Carolina since 1991.  In 1995, he relocated to Myrtle Beach to open his own Oral Surgery practice.  Kristy moved to South Carolina in 2008 from West Virginia to take an accounting job.  Both of them grew up in families that loved dogs and treated them as part of the family. They met walking their dogs on Myrtlewood golf course; Tom was a Weimaraner fan, Kristy had two rescued boxers. After they married the three passed, and after spending time with the nubs, Tom became a full-blown boxer fan. As the house felt empty, they adopted Waldo and soon his sister Roxy followed. The dogs rule their house, and you can't walk anywhere without tripping over dog toys. They can’t imagine their lives without boxers, and are happy to help sponsor the Carolina Boxer Rescue Calendar for the second year in a row. 

Andrea WilliamsComment