Want to Save a Nub’s Life? Foster!

CBR is always looking for new foster homes.  As a foster based rescue, CBR does not have a dedicated facility.  Instead, we rely on the generous and loving fosters in our organization to take boxers in need into their homes.  Fostering offers the boxer a chance to decompress from their previous environment, as well as learn new behaviors and manners that will help them succeed in their furever home.

Fosters provide food, love, and a cozy place to call their own- and CBR pays for all medical care. Speaking of medical care, some fosters prefer to take wigglebutts with special medical needs or our senior nubs. Others take in our adult boxers, with minor medical or behavioral needs that require some attention before they find their furever family.

Most of our foster sweeties are in a foster home for two to four months before being adopted.  Our fosters play a crucial role with the “matchmaking”, and help ensure their foster nub is going to a loving home that is the right fit for them.  

Are you wondering if you can offer the right environment for a foster?  You just might! Many of our foster families have children, other fur babies, and many work outside the home.   Unfortunately, CBR cannot commit to taking a wigglebutt unless we have a foster home lined up. Sadly, this is the time of year where local shelters reach capacity, and have to make difficult choices.  

Our Volunteer Spotlight Joe Szymborski has some food for thought for those considering fostering:

“The biggest thing I hear from people who talk to me about fostering is, “I could never give them up”.  Sometimes it is hard to give them up, but think about this for a moment: a teacher teaches up to 30 students a year.  When the kids come in at the first of the year you work with them, give them your heart, help them with failures, and are proud of their successes.  In the year you become very attached to these children, and they to you. But, at the end of the year it is time to let go, to let them move on and grow.  Yes, there is a component of hating to see them go, but also it is an amazing feeling that you helped these children and gave them the wisdom and ability to move on to the next grade…If your only objection to fostering is that you would not be able to let them go, believe me- letting them go to a new family is way more rewarding than keeping them for yourself.  It is because of you that they are alive. It is because of you that they have a future. And then you just start all over again with the next one, getting them ready for their new life! That feeling and that process become an addiction in itself.”   

Our amazing foster homes help us to save over 300 beautiful nubs a year!  We could not exist without them!

If you are interested in fostering, and are approved to adopt, reach out to your Area Coordinator today!  If you have not been approved to adopt yet, simply follow the link below to our application, and we will be in touch!