February 2019

Spring is right around the corner and that has our nubs bouncing with excitement! Warm weather means lots of fun CBR events! From calendar photo shoots, to meet and greets to even dog massages! CBR has plenty planned this spring. Make sure you stop out at one of the local events to say hi! We love meeting new friends and reconnecting with the old.

Another great way to participate with CBR? Become a foster sponsor. What is a foster sponsor? Simply put, you choose a nub and send them a box full of goodies! It's sure to put a smile on your face when you receive a picture of a boxer opening up their goodies! Learn more here

February's Featured Foster - Roscoe
Roscoe is one of our special senior dogs.  He has been with CBR for a year, and would love to spend the rest of his days with a forever family!
Favorite activities: Chasing his jolly ball and eating people snacks
Always begs for: Attention- like the true celebrity he is, he demands all your attention and likes to be as close to you as possible
Naughtiest habit: Counter surfing.  He doesn’t understand that things on the counter are for people, not dogs
Favorite show: Judge Judy
Roscoe has diabetes incipidus, a neurological condition that causes him to drink large amounts of water (and therefore urinate frequently). Roscoe is looking for a family that will accept him for who he is- diapers and all.  He’s an amazing dog, hungry for love and illicit snacks.  He is content to just lounge near his people.
Adopt Roscoe!
Fill out the application here. 



Anatomy of the Adoption Fee
CBR is often asked about why we have an adoption fee if we are a non-profit organization. Great question! Here is the answer: Yes, CBR is non-profit and not one single person who is associated with the rescue gets any kind of payment for their services. Without the adoption fee, the rescue wouldn't be able to take in more boxers. You see, most of our boxers need hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of vetting prior to being adopted. So that adoption fee? Most times it doesn't even cover the cost of taking in that dog. Check out the graphic to the left for more info.

Volunteer Spotlight - Rena Johnson

Rena has always been interested in volunteering, but it wasn’t until her oldest son needed volunteer hours for school that she reached out for opportunities in her community.  They started volunteering at shelters, and her love for boxers led her to CBR.  She got her first boxer in 2010, and have added 3 more to their pack- including their most recent foster win, CBR Alum Lola.  Rena works full time, and in her free time likes to do crafts and craft shows.
 She started volunteering with CBR in 2017, and currently serves as CBR's Transport Coordinator.  “The most rewarding, and probably the hardest part of rescue, is fostering. It is so easy to get attached to the ones you’ve brought into your home, but to help get a boxer out of the shelter, help them mend, and get to their forever home is so rewarding.” 
Her advice to anyone interested in volunteering- there are so many ways to help- foster, sponsor a boxer, donate money to go towards expensive medical bills, host an event to raise money, or donate your time to help transport boxers.  It really does take a village to make rescue happen!



Foster Bull here, I need your help. I have been in my foster home for about a week. I have this thing called a heart murmur. I need to have this other thing called an echocardiogram. It costs a lot of money and CBR says they need some donations to help. Can you help me? You can donate to me here.

Looking to help?

There are many ways that you can help CBR. From donating to a dog's medical needs, volunteering, sponsoring a dog, even just attending our events! Check out the CBR website for more info!

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