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There is no doubt that puppies are endearing, however with all of their charming qualities comes a lot of work for the owner. Puppies require a lot of love and attention. Before you adopt the newest four legged furry baby into your family, there are many advantages and disadvantages that you should consider first.

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Adorable Otis and Lulu
Otis is such a sweet boy! He is almost fully recovered and should get his cast off either next week or the week after. He sleeps good in his crate and is very good with using the potty outside. Since he is feeling better his true personality is coming out. He is very wiggly and loves to jump and play with Mocha. We still have to keep him a little bit calm but you can tell how much he wants to play. He would be a great dog for any household. He loves our 2 1/2 year old boxer but would be fine alone as well, as long has he has some toys to play with!
Male/Female: Male
Age:  5 months
Weight: 19
Known medical issues? Otis has a fractured leg and will be in a splint for a little while longer
Male/Female: Female
Age:  15 wks
Weight: 20 lbs
Known medical issues? Deworming treatment UTD on shots
She loves people and expects everyone we pass to make over her and THEY DO! She likes her crate and gets a treat every time we place her in it. She sleeps all night in her crate. Her fur is very soft, yet she hardly sheds. She is potty training nicely - goes on the command of "hurry up and potty". She gets alonw w/ all of our other animals - old cat, 13-yrd old female boxer, 7-yr old male boxer and especially our 2-yr old female boxer. They play tug-of-war most of the day. Her favorite thing to do is sit in our lap. Each morning, we feed her and then she is ready to climb in a warm lap while we read the paper. She is a perfect lap puppy and will make someone a GREAT forever pet!
Lulu is ADORABLE. Not sure how CBR ended up w/ her, but as I find out, I'll send an update. She is very petite - part boxer, part beagle, so she will be perfect for someone w/ a smaller yard or a shorter fence. She is very calm and extremely smart/teachable. We have already taught her how to walk on a leash and sit before she is allowed in the house.