Chance - CBR Alum 2/19/19: I adopted Chance through CBR at age 9; he was an owner surrender.  Yesterday he walked over the rainbow bridge, age 14.  He was my first introduction to CBR, and I have enjoyed every moment with him.  Thank you for all you do helping sweet boxers get to good homes.



Kelsey - CBR Alum 2/10/19: Today, Linnie and I sadly said goodby to our sweet boxer girl, Kelsey. She was the bright spot in every day. The joy that we felt each and every time we came home was infectious and her love for us, unwavering. She loved our trips to Beaufort, was at peace when we sat together watching TV and always loved visitors and parties. We will miss her dearly.


A donation has been made in loving memory of Kenneth Harry Warzynski from the Wando High School Faculty and Staff.

Millie - CBR Foster 1/31/19: In August 2018, one of our newest foster homes agreed to foster Sweet Millie. Was she the youngest and healthiest boxer to be a 'First" foster child? No. But, unselfishly, they agreed to take her in and give her the home life she so deserved. Millie has had quite a few health hurdles, and her foster home has seen her decline, and rally back more than once. They fought FOR HER, with her. Millie is so very lucky to have been given such an open minded and loving "first time" foster home. CBR is so lucky to have homes that will take in the older, and sometimes broken boxers. Today, Millie decided to let her Foster Mom know, that she was ready. She has no fight left to give. Please keep Millie, and Rosemary in your hearts today. While one runs toward the bridge, seeking comfort and peace...the other will have to let go, and face loss. Thank you Rosemary..... for loving her like no one was else was willing, or able to.



Dixie - 1/25/19: Last week I was forced to say goodbye to my sweet Dixie. I shared my life with her for an amazing 12 1/2 years. She was with me through thick and thin... the most loyal and loving dog I could have ever asked for. I will miss her terribly. God showed his grace, however, as she passed peacefully in her sleep without any suffering. Losing 3 dogs in 6 months is an unbearable heartbreak, but I know they are all back together now running free. ❤️

Reba- CBR Hospice Foster 1/26/19: It is with very heavy hearts that we announce our Reba was helped across the Rainbow Bridge today. She was an amazingly loving soul and made us very happy in the time we were allowed with her. The love of a dog is infinite and unconditional and she passed peacefully in my arms. I made a promise and today I made true on that promise. Thanks to everyone who has prayed, donated and supported Reba’s journey you are truly appreciated.

Please send prayers to Hospice Foster Reba's foster family.



Minnie- CBR Alum 1/18/19: We lost our sweet Minnie today (foster fail, came to us July 1, 2018), Exploratory surgery revealed she had cancer that had spread to many of her vital organs and spine. The only reasonable option was to not wake her up from anesthesia. She only got to enjoy the good life for 6 months after being rescued. She was so happy with us. She was so loved. It wasn’t long enough.

BigBoyCollageResize (2).jpg

Big Boy- CBR Alum 1/10/19: RIP Big Boy...
"Not such a good morning
We rescue every animal but specifically we foster senior boxers. It inevitably ends up as a foster fail for me. Not a lot of people seem to want to give the time to the old boys and old girls saying things like, I don't want to lose a dog so soon since they won't be here that long. I couldn't agree less. As I add more years to my life, the less the high energy puppies appeal to me. The seniors want nothing more then the slow life good life.
The old boys tend to latch to me. They go with me everywhere. They sleep right next to me. Just two old guys that want to relax without all the drama. So the old guy always becomes MY dog. And in our house of now 3 dogs not 4, everyone seems to have THEIR dog.
Big Boy was a great dog! He came to us with a huge mass on his back (we had it removed right away) and swollen, painful ear hematomas from untreated ear mites. All of the spots on his body that touched the ground when he laid down were calloused from years of being tied up outside. And when the mass on his back burst open his owners had finally had enough and dropped him at the shelter, which is when he came into my life. They always seem to know when they hit the jackpot of living on easy street. He was so gentle. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Other dogs would test him since he was the biggest and obviously the alpha but he would always stay in his lane. Only fighting back enough to end it but not keep the fight going.
The story I will always remember about Big Boy happened about a month after we got him. Like I said we have 3 other dogs and the matriarch is a spoiled, princess pit-bull named Marley. As soon as there is an open door and Marley gets the chance, she is gone. So one day we went out for about 4 hours in the afternoon. It happened to be a rather windy day, the front door must have been half latched and it blew open. Marley was off like a rocket but the new dog, the old dog was standing inside the house in the doorway when we got home. It was like he was saying, "Are you crazy Pit-bull? This is the best life I have ever had and I am not going anywhere. I'm not messing this up."
Last night was the first time in my whole life, of all the animals that passed through our doors, where one passed away with me, without a Vet and having to make that decision that is always so hard. I had the feeling it was his time. We slept in my step son's room together. His breathing was labored. He was up and down and up and down. I laid next to him on his bed for hours. I don’t see dogs cry a lot and maybe it wasn’t tears but it sure looked like he was crying. Maybe he didn’t want to say goodbye, I don't know. It was like he knew it was his time too. He would get up and stumble and fall and I would carry him back to his bed and calm him down. At 4:30am when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore I tucked him in one last time. I slid his bed right next to mine and as I lay there watching him, he stared right at me never closing his eyes. I woke up 2 hours later and it was obvious he had just passed, it was so close that I had to double and triple check. But he never left that position and when I opened my eyes he was still staring at me. Not easy but I know he went with the person he loved most next to him. Not tied to a tree....not in some cold kennel....he passed right next to his person.
I love you Big Boy. Like the ones that came before you and the ones that will come after, there is always a spot next to me in my truck for you to take a ride with the windows down and the sun on your face. Yes I am sad but I know it went the best way it could have gone. It is never easy to say goodbye to an old friend. Rest in peace".


Roscoe- CBR Alum 1/9/19: CBR ALUM Roscoe unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge this evening. He was the perfect dog for our family. He was an amazing dog and just wanted to be loved. We hope that he knew how much he was loved. Our hearts are heavy because of what he meant to our family. He will forever be in our hearts and will truly be missed.Please join us in sending condolences to his loving free roscoe💔

Happy- CBR Alum 1/5/19: My name is Trina Brown, in January 2016 my husband Ken and I adopted a blind boxer named Happy from you. I wanted to let you know that we had to have him put to sleep this morning. In the 3 years we had him he brought our family so much happiness and we we hope we made him happy too. He is painfully missed.



Molly- CBR Alum 1/2/19: It is with an extremely heavy heart I want to let you all know CBR alum Molly was helped to Rainbow Bridge about 1:45 am this morning. From the first moment I met her, picking her up to "babysit" I fell hard in love with her spunky self. How she was adopted previously and returned, I have no idea. She really was the perfect dog. The vets had told me it would likely be just weeks for me to have her, but I truly expected much longer. Zack loved her so much, he tolerated the ramp we put in to make Molly's potty visits outside easier.