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CBR alumn Doug  8/15/18

RIP Doug... you are at peace now. Run free with Roxy. You were only in our family for a short 8 months but you stole our hearts instantly. We love you. I will miss my snuggles with you. The cancer came back so quickly. The Vet said he believed it was in his bones and that is why he was having trouble walking.😭😭😭💔💔💔

Maximus 8/9/18

Sweet CBR alumni Maximus had the most spoiled life. Cancer took him way to soon and his girls certainly be missing him. So thankful that he found the truly the best family ever and  was able to feel true love.  Toni & Noelle will miss you dearly.



Dex 8/2/18

Rest easy little man, we hope you have found some comfort and peace.

Paulina 8/1/18

It’s too soon you sweet, sweet girl. CBR alumnus Paulina was laid to rest today after a very long day yesterday determining why she had not been eating. US determined masses in several locations, including pancreas, gallbladder and liver. She joined her fur sister Heide at the Rainbow Bridge. Run free, sweet girl.



Caymus 7/23/18

He woke us up at about 5am and was shaking.  It appears by the amount of slobber on his bed he had been having a seizure for some time.  We drove him to the emergency vet were they could not get the seizure under control and he could not reset.  We made the heartbreaking decision to stop the seizure for him and we are struggling with it as the day goes on.  We loved him so much and while he had a rough start his last 3 years were Christmas every day.  We are so thankful that we had him in our lives and that this organization exists.  He was our first nub tail and we have been spoiled by his calmness and gentleness and love of a nap.  I would like to post some pictures of him on the CBR Facebook page, as he was part of that family as well.  

Thank you,

Chris and Kimberly Townsley

Oliver 7/17/18

My heart is broken. I had to say goodbye to Oliver today. His cancer returned as an internal mass and he was struggling to breathe. Even though he was in pain, his nub didn't stop wiggling. Thank you for giving me the gift of being his mom. 
Kent Ellen Gwyn



Abe 7/12/18

We adopted Abe on October 13, 2006 and he passed quietly at home this afternoon.  We are very grateful to Carolina Boxer Rescue, Bo and Amber who fostered him, and all the friends who enjoyed his high energy shenanigans over the years.  Special thanks to Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital who treated him with special care.  He was an incredible dog and will be missed.  With our daily 1.55 mile walk (sometimes twice a day), I estimate that we covered over 6,500 miles together.  So if you see me starting to gain weight, you will know why! Life moves on…Abe will always hold a special place in our family.


Champ 7/8/18 - 


Trevor 7/10/18

After working with him for over a year he had to be helped to the bridge for human aggression....He loved three one else was safe around him....


Phoebe 7/5/18

Run free sweet Phoebe. This is the Gaston girl with the tumors I pulled from the Gaston shelter about 6 weeks ago. She had several ER stays and numerous blood transfusions but her little body couldn't overcome the cancer. She was so loved by her incredible foster mom Lindsay and her wonderful family. They showered her with love and Lindsay spent many sleepless nights laying with her while she was so ill. Thank you Carolina Boxer Rescue for trying everything possible to save sweet Phoebe. Our hearts are broken but most especially her foster family's. Please keep the Heikel family in your thoughts and prayers as they are devastated right now. 

CBR alumn - Sally 6/23/18



Cleo P. Atra 6/21/18

As swiftly as she entered our lives and Hearts, She swiftly found comfort & peace. And she takes with her a piece of our hearts. She was loved beyond measure.
Run Free Cleo P. Atra..... 6-21-18 11:50am

Thank you to our amazing foster families that love our dogs!

CBR Alumn Roxie - June 2018

She came from a shelter in Wilmington, I believe...I was her foster mom starting in 2013 and when no adopters stepped up after a year we decided to adopt her for my husband’s birthday in June 2014. She had some major issues, but we worked through them and she has been a very special part of our family for 5 years...especially for our now 3 year old son who just adores her...she was the best big sister to him!! 

We are heartbroken but glad we could give her a loving home so she could finally feel at peace in her later years. Roxie loved going to the beach, bike rides, car rides, and long walks in the evening...but most of all she loved going to the mountains and hiking the trails with us! We are planning to spread her ashes at our family mountain house, where she was always at her happiest.

We’re not ready to bring another fur baby into our pack yet, but will certainly let y’all know when we are...Roxie was our family’s third boxer...CBR alum China, who belonged to my sister Anna, crossed the rainbow bridge this past Christmas after a 6 month battle with cancer.

We appreciate everything CBR does for these incredible dogs and will be making a donation in Roxie’s honor ❤️

Thank you,

Jessica and Myles


Mad Max 5/31/18

Dear Max, 

When CBR saw you, we never hesitated once when asked to take you into our care. there has been not a single thing that CBR and your fans haven't done for you. we all banned together and got you the best care you could have ever received. we got you your MRI, your surgery, your wheelchair, the best therapist the world could ever ask for that worked around the clock with you, a team of vets who cared for you deeply. we even had people send you gifts, who never met you, and loved you anyway. we did all we could, but it just wasn't enough to help you walk again. looking at you the past couple weeks, i knew you had given up. i knew you were tired. you couldn't take a step, with every drag of your rear end i had to coax you to get out the door to even go outside. you were so tired, that you laid in the same spot for hours, laying in your own urine and feces without a care in the world that it was there. you were too tired to even stand up and pee on your own. you were tired. and i don't blame you. we worked so hard. we tried so hard. i was tired for you. please know, that i am happy for you now. when your team of therapists and i sat with you as you crossed, we all said "run free sweet boy. run." and i know you are now. you are running free in meadows up at the rainbow bridge. you are happy now. 
until we meet again, my friend, please know we all love you.. and we all tried so hard.. 
love, your foster mom



Alice 5/30/18 -


dog 4.jpg

Bo 5-21-18  - We are completely devastated to report that CBR foster BO has crossed the bridge... we knew when we took him in that he would be a hospice kid because of his cardiac issues. We didn’t know it would be so soon. He passed in his loving foster mom’s arms... fly high handsome... we will save more in your honor💔




hank am 300.jpg

Hank 5/19/18 - CBR foster HANK has been helped to the bridge after continuing to go downhill throughout the day. His suffering has ended and we are very grateful to all the medical staff that assisted in his care. Thank you for all the thoughts,prayers,and good high HANK.... we got to you too late but will continue to fight for others in your honor....

eli 2.jpg

Eli 5/20/18  - CBR Foster Eli. We are sorry to report that our second of the two boys with distemper has crossed the bridge. We urge you to take preventative vet care seriously. We remain committed to taking in sick and injured dogs even though we suffer losses... we will continue to save in their honor💔RIP high buddy... we are truly sorry we didn’t get to you before this disease did


Kasha 3/7/18- Kasha was a loving, fun and well trained boxer who lived coast to coast! A California girl who loved running around and chasing her ball. She moved to Memphis and learned about Shelby Farms... a 200 acre off leash dog park with ponds, she naturally became a great swimmer! Later in life she became a great sister to a human baby and loved on him until the day she left us....

louie am 200.JPG

Foster Louie - 5/7/18  Sweet Louie passed unexpectedly with a blood clot after surgery.  His foster family will certainly be missing him. We are glad that he found us to live out his final days.

dog 1 max.jpg

Luke 4/20/18 - Luke was the best, made me smile everyday. He loved it when I would lay on the floor with him and give him lots of kisses and hugs. He was the sweetest, loving dog I've ever had. I struggle everyday in not being able to talk to him or love him, feed him and run with him. I know deep down myself and husband gave him the most loving home for 2 yrs that he had ever had. He was such a happy boy. I so dearly miss my Luke, he was my pride an joy. I just wish I could have him back and would do anything to have him back in our home where I can love him to no end. Mommy and daddy will always love you Luke!

Everyday Luke would lay beside my desk while I worked. I keep looking down looking  for him, but he's no longer there. I will always honor you, because you gave me the most love a pet could give a owner. I'm not sure who loved who the most. RIP LUKE!        Gloria Walther

Gunner - 5/1/18    Gunner's family gave him a wonderful 14 years, and in return he has left his paw print forever on their hearts.  A memorial in honor of Amanda Provenzano's co-workers dog.