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Hank 5/19/18 - CBR foster HANK has been helped to the bridge after continuing to go downhill throughout the day. His suffering has ended and we are very grateful to all the medical staff that assisted in his care. Thank you for all the thoughts,prayers,and good thoughts.....fly high HANK.... we got to you too late but will continue to fight for others in your honor....

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Eli 5/20/18  - CBR alumn Eli. We are sorry to report that our second of the two boys with distemper has crossed the bridge. We urge you to take preventative vet care seriously. We remain committed to taking in sick and injured dogs even though we suffer losses... we will continue to save in their honor💔RIP ELI...fly high buddy... we are truly sorry we didn’t get to you before this disease did


Kasha 3/7/18- Kasha was a loving, fun and well trained boxer who lived coast to coast! A California girl who loved running around and chasing her ball. She moved to Memphis and learned about Shelby Farms... a 200 acre off leash dog park with ponds, she naturally became a great swimmer! Later in life she became a great sister to a human baby and loved on him until the day she left us....

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Foster Louie - 5/7/18  Sweet Louie passed unexpectedly with a blood clot after surgery.  His foster family will certainly be missing him. We are glad that he found us to live out his final days.

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Luke 4/20/18 - Luke was the best, made me smile everyday. He loved it when I would lay on the floor with him and give him lots of kisses and hugs. He was the sweetest, loving dog I've ever had. I struggle everyday in not being able to talk to him or love him, feed him and run with him. I know deep down myself and husband gave him the most loving home for 2 yrs that he had ever had. He was such a happy boy. I so dearly miss my Luke, he was my pride an joy. I just wish I could have him back and would do anything to have him back in our home where I can love him to no end. Mommy and daddy will always love you Luke!

Everyday Luke would lay beside my desk while I worked. I keep looking down looking  for him, but he's no longer there. I will always honor you, because you gave me the most love a pet could give a owner. I'm not sure who loved who the most. RIP LUKE!        Gloria Walther

Gunner - 5/1/18    Gunner's family gave him a wonderful 14 years, and in return he has left his paw print forever on their hearts.  A memorial in honor of Amanda Provenzano's co-workers dog.