April 21, 2017

Run free Jupiter....CBR foster Jupiter passed away today from complications of his head injury he sustained at birth. He was very loved by his original owner,his wonderful foster mom and everyone who met him....

CBR Foster Tonka - March 2017 .. Tonka came in heartworm positive, had to immediately have fluid drained, and yet we were still too late. He crossed the bridge just a few days after the rescue took him in.

CBR Foster Cutie Pie - March 24, 2017 - Saying goodbye is just as hard after only two days of knowing sweet Foster Cutie Pie as it has been for any of mine in the past. But to know she suffered needlessly and we were really too late to save her hurts even more and makes me so upset. That a family pet could lay in their own yard and suffer for days is beyond anything I can comprehend. She was too sick to move this morning but as I loved on her and talked her eye would look up at me. I told her I was so very sorry and I loved her. Seniors are my heart and she just took another bit of mine but I will love another and another till I have no breath of my own........

CBR alumn Marley - We lost Marley in February after a year of gradual debilitation from degenerative myelopathy, along with other health issues. Marley came to us in 2009 through CBR, who had rescued her from the Burlington shelter. She was in terrible shape when they saved her, but thanks to their care and the foster family's love, she was recovering when we brought her home. She went from lost dog to loved family member, and spent the rest of her life in a happy home. We could not have had a sweeter, more gentle dog, and we miss her so. Thank you CBR for giving us our good girl.

Those of us who love boxers should be aware that canine degenerative myelopathy strikes boxers more than other breeds. Read more at http://www.caninegeneticdiseases.net/DM/basicDM.htm. If you breed boxers, please test your dogs before breeding.

CBR Alumn Charlie - Charlie became the center of our family on Dec. 2, 2016. Immediately we noticed his huge fun-loving personality. Always by our side and never left alone.  He loved snuggling up on the large "Fuf" beanbag and found comfort when you let him in his neck.  If you were sitting on the ground he would stand over you to ensure you took notice of him and give him a hug. He loved to show his excitement by bounding up in the air on all fours...especially if you started jumping with him. His favorite time of the day was the morning when everyone was up and ready to play...and of course to have his breakfast. Heloved going on car rides...especially when it was time to pick the kids up from school. We love and miss you so much Charlie. You were given a second chance but gone too soon. We will never forget your "Snaggle" tooth, enormous long tongue, wiggly butt, and loving personality.

CBR Foster Dozer - February 

It is with great sadness that we have to let everyone know that foster Dozer crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Dozers foster mom Brittany is a vet tech and started noticing some issues he was having.  She took him in and it was determined he was suffering from a brain tumor.  Please know he had a fabulous day today and enjoyed a day full of food and love.  He went peacefully with Brittany  holding his paw.  

January 2017 - CBR Alumnus   SPOT -   "Spotpassed away in Friday. He had cancer and it took over despite his hard battle to fight it. He had a peaceful passing and is missed. Messy and Freya are having a tough time adjusting and my boys are taking it pretty hard. We took the whole crew to FL for Christmas so hopefully when we return it will be easier. We wanted to let you know and to thank CBR for bringing him into our lives."