We adopted Mia in March 2010 and from the very first day, it was like she had always been part of our family.  She loved taking walks with the family, laying in the sunshine in the yard, and getting treats after dinner with her fur brother Rusty.  She was the sweetest and most gentle dog that I have ever known.  There was nothing that she liked better than snuggling on the couch, which she had promptly claimed as hers on her first evening at home.  She would share it with Rusty, even though he tended to hog the space when she let him join her.  

We knew when we adopted her that she had a history of cancer and had needed several surgeries.  She began having problems again in the fall of 2010 and after several visits to our vet and a veternary opthamologist, we ended up taking her to the veternary school in Raleigh.  There we saw many different specialists and in November 2010 we were told that she might only have a few months to live.  But they didn’t know what a fighter our little girl was. 

 She stayed happy and active for almost another year while dealing with both cancer and Degenerative Myelopathy.  We did everything possible to keep her comfortable and ensure that she had good quality of life, but in early January 2012 all the battles that she had fought for so long finally got to be too much and she was just too tired to keep fighting.  Because we loved her so much and could not bear the thought of her being in pain we made the hardest decision of our lives and helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Although she is no longer physically with us, she will forever be a cherished member of our family who brought joy and happiness to our lives every single day for almost two years.  She will be terribly missed, loved, and will live forever in our hearts.

- Jim, Cyndi and Rusty Harp


September 10, 2012

RAJA  OCTOBER 12, 2012

Raja was a very loyal and extremely intelligent member of our family. She went everywhere with us and was involved in almost every activity in our lives. She brought tons of joy in the lives of everyone that had the privilege of knowing her. We adopted Raja in the winter of 2002 (from a private owner) and unfortunately had to say goodbye to her Oct 4, 2012 just 12 days shy of her 10th birthday. That was one of the hardest things to do but we did not want to see our baby suffer. The ugly "C" word showed its ugly face but she was so brave during it all. We cherished everyday we had with her and will cherish all the happy, funny, loving and entertaining memories of her as well.


October 13, 2012

Our sweet boxer boy has been diagnosed with brain cancer. We will be putting him down today. He has been such an awesome perfect boy - he is now 13 years old, so we are super lucky to have had the pleasure of his company for so long. 

My heart is broken and I will miss him so much. Kelsey will be very lonely without her big brother.

 Linnie Causey  Durham, NC

BUTCH  October 13th 2012

We adopted Butch from you in January of 2003. At that time we were told he was between 6 and 8 years old. After many years of happiness, our beloved Butch has passed on to a much better place. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to have such a wonderful pet, companion, and 3rd child in our family. He will never be forgotten and will always hold a special place in my heart. I no longer live in North Carolina but Carolina Boxer Rescue will always remind me of my Butchie and how easy it was to love him.

Christine Woodard

Nikki   November, 2012

Nikki was a wonderful dog and had the best smile. She was always an enthusiastic greeter with lots of wiggles and cashews, hardly containing her excitement at seeing you. Racing around the yard or in a field, you could see the pure joy she took in that freedom. Nikki blossomed into such a confident, friendly member of the family.

Being a rather large "lap" dog, she enjoyed being the center of attention and would often squeeze between two family members to enjoy pets and love on both sides. A family photo always included her and she would often join in at the last moment, getting picture perfect smiles from all involved.We learned so much from her. Chasing after geese, we learned boxers can swim…just not very well. She was a great chaser of squirrels but not a good catcher. She proved that a big bark can come from a small package and that her size was no measurement to the amount of love she had to give. She elicited giggles and laughter from all that knew her and proved to be so much more than what we expected. It will be hard to fill that void. She will be sorely missed by everyone whose lives she touched. We only hope we brought her the same happiness and love in life that she so freely gave to us. Love you and miss you more each day Miss Nikki.

CHLOE     2002 - December 02, 2012

7.5 years of faithful service to Jackie the Deaf

In Memory Ray Earnhardt Jr.

Ray's love for Boxers was immeasurable.

Doug & Dianne Mulcha

SWEET STELLA  October 15, 2012

In honor of my little soulmate doggie Sweet Stella, I love you and miss you every day....Thank You CBR for saving Casper and finding him a new forever home....xox

Jody Ralyea